TikToker goes viral ‘selling’ Tom Brady sand from retirement video

Tom Brady sat on beach in retirement video side-by-side with woman holding bag of sandInstagram: Tom Brady/TikTok: BetrCarol

A gambling TikToker has gone viral after she claimed to have found the spot where Tom Brady filmed his retirement video and is considering selling the sand he sat on. 

At the start of 2022, the NFL was rocked when Tom Brady, fresh off a loss to the Los Angeles Rams, revealed that he was hanging up his cleats and retiring. That only lasted 40 days though, as the greatest quarterback of all time eventually returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for another season. 

Exactly a year later, and following a loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the 7-time Super Bowl winner released a short clip saying that he was retiring “for good” this time. 

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Brady filmed that emotional clip while sitting on a beach in Miami, Florida, and one intrepid TikToker has claimed to have found the exact spot where he bid his farewell to the NFL. And, she might be looking to profit from it. 

Gambler finds Tom Brady retirement spot & wants to sell the sand

The TikToker in question is BetrCarol, who typically uploads gambling content to the short-form video platform. Though, on February 1, she changed that. 

“I was a Tom Brady fan for a really long time and I’m actually sitting exactly where he retired this morning. You can see the buildings, they’re the exact same,” Caroline said, before revealing she had collected a bag of sand from the spot.

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“Every dollar I lost from betting on you this season, I will be making back because I’m going to sell the sand you sat on as you retired. So, thank you, Tom Brady.”

Viewers were left with a few questions, though, with some asking if Carol had got the right spot and if she was actually going to sell the sand. 

“No joke someone will pay a lot of money for that sand,” said one viewer. “You selling by the grain or by the bag?” asked another. “Where can I buy that sand?” quizzed another.

Brady’s video was filmed on a beach in Surfside, Miami, and was reportedly shot a while back. So, if you do end up forking out for the sand, there’s little to no chance you’ll get it certified by anyone – sorry.

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