TikToker goes viral for throwing ex’s mother’s ashes in the ocean

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an image of tiktoker starringsaraa
TikTok: StarringSaraa

Authorities have arrested a TikToker in Fort Worth, Texas after disposing of her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s ashes in the ocean. 

TikTok has spawned plenty of unbelievable stories over the years, but TikToker starringsaraa has brought attention to one of the wildest ones yet. On June 3, Sara shared a TikTok that depicted a woman throwing an urn supposedly containing her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s ashes into the ocean.

Now, the TikToker’s video has shed light on a similar eerie story involving the arrest of a woman in Fort Worth, Texas.

an image of tiktoker starringsaraa
TikTok: StarringSaraa
TikToker @starringsaraa shared the video on June 3, which has since gone viral.

Fort Worth woman faces arrest over disposal of ex’s mother’s ashes

On June 4, Augustine Gladney was arrested by local authorities in Fort Worth for dumping the ashes of her ex’s mother into the ocean. The case has found attention on the internet in part to starringsaraa’s TikTok post, which depicts an act akin to Gladney’s actions.

Captioned ‘Did she take it too far?’ the video shows an unidentified woman throwing ashes over a bridge, with the following explanation: “He cheated so I threw his Mom’s ashes in the river.”

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TikTok commenters continue to be puzzled by the video, which has been viewed over 6 million times. While the woman in the video isn’t Gladney, commenters have shared their thoughts on the case.

Commenter maxenoponopano said in regards to her sentencing: “only for ONE year and 4k charge? Honestly not enough.”

According to Black Enterprise, Gladney’s ex-boyfriend Ernest Smith, reported on June 3, 2020, that his mother’s ashes were missing from his home.

While the crime was committed back in 2020, Gladney was only just charged back in May this year.

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