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Drawing robot goes viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons

Published: 7/Jun/2022 8:30 Updated: 7/Jun/2022 7:06

by Dave Deiley


Robotsdraw, a robotic animator, has been blowing up on TikTok. Attracting millions of views by getting their drawings just a little wrong.

The joy of watching things perfectly fit together is almost universally shared. There are countless websites, subreddits, and social media accounts dedicated to showing things going perfectly to plan.

Hijacking this basic human joy and turning it against us is ‘Robotsdraw.’ A pen on a robotic frame that is dedicated to ruining all of our days.

While this isn’t quite Skynet levels of evil, the robot has been attracting attention by getting the drawings it does just slightly off. Setting up our expectations just to watch them topple down.



Reply to @maxhawker please accept this perfect square as an apology #perfect #oddlysatisfying #lineart

♬ original sound – robots draw

As exemplified in the above video, the robot does an exceptional job of drawing a 9 x 9 box, before skewing wildly at the last minute.

Comments on the video express the deep rage that this intrusion into our collective serenity causes.

“I..I feel angry and unsatisfied for some strange reason,” one commenter said. “This shouldn’t bother me but it does” sums up our feelings perfectly.

Doubling down on the acrimony, the sadistic creator behind the robot has this machine almost do a perfect job of drawing, then solving a maze.


Reply to @rpskn_ robots are very good at solving mazes #asmr #oddlysatisfying

♬ original sound – robots draw

Displaying an almost human level of frustration, the robot crosses out its creation after hitting a wall in the maze.  Generating 10 million views in the process.


“Task failed successfully,” being a top comment from one user.

In a startling display of humanity, the TikTok account has months of beautifully drawn content with far less views. It wasn’t until it started refusing to scratch the satisfaction itch that people started irresistibly hate-watching the devilish creations.