TikToker goes viral claiming she punched the mother of her daughter’s bully

TikToker NaquivaBrownTikTok: NaquivaBrown

A TikToker has gone viral on the app after claiming she punched her daughter’s bully’s mom as a way to get the child to stop picking on hers.

In nearly every school worldwide, there is always an issue with kids bullying others in some way, whether it’s physical or verbal.

There are a variety of ways to potentially get the bully to stop, but sometimes it results in physical violence between the two kids or, in TikToker NaquivaBrowns case, her and the bully’s mother.

Naquiva recently went viral on the app sharing the story, and most viewers are completely on her side.

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TikToker claims she beat up her daughter’s bully’s mom

In her video, Naquiva is sitting in her car telling the story about the recent incident with her daughter’s bully’s mother and asking who was in the wrong in this situation.

“So my daughter was getting bullied at school for a couple of months, and she did not tell me because she said I react differently than her dad does, so she told her dad and her dad told me,” she explained. “I planned a meeting with the parent and the children, told them that my child was not gonna make it because she was so affected by this whole situation.

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“Her momma was so ghetto and rachet yall, and we were really in here arguing about [her child]. Before she was able to say what she wanted to say, I popped her, y’all.”

She then turned to the alleged bully, and said: “I will beat your momma’s a** every day just to show you that she can’t even defend you from me… my child didn’t have any problems after that.”

As the video went viral, amassing nearly five million views in the process, viewers flooded the comments with support for Naquiva.

“If you were wrong, I don’t wanna be right friend! You did exactly what you were supposed to!!” one user replied.

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Another user replied: “Sometimes u have to because the school really doesn’t be caring until it’s too late.”

While another user didn’t agree with her actions but understood why she punched the mom: “You did a little too much, but nonetheless I under exactly why because keep your hands off my child.”