TikToker goes viral after car crashes into building while recording

TikToker goes viral after car crashes into buildingTikTok: MeridethInezz

A TikToker has gone viral after a car crashed into the building she works at while she was attempting to record a video on her last day working there.

With over a billion monthly users, TikTok has become the premiere place for people around the world to share stories.

A few examples of viral stories on the app include a creator who was asked why he was unemployed at 5 years old and another TikToker that recently got banned from Walmart over a $2 mistake.

Meredith, who goes by the name Meredithinezz on TikTok, is among the latest to go viral after uploading a video showing a car crashing into her building.

TikToker goes viral after car crashes into building

Uploaded in August, Meredith’s video has been viewed 7.5 million times with over eight thousand people reacting in the comments.

In the upload, she appeared to be getting ready to say something with the “sparkle” filter enabled when a loud crash interrupted her. She turned the video around, showing that a car crashed through the front door.

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Fans quickly took to the comments expressing how much they laughed at the sparkle effect.

“The way the sparkle effect glistens off the car has me,” one user said.

Another user commented: “THE SPARKLE FILTER. I’M CRYING.”

In a second video, Meredith revealed that she was recording a video to her friends talking about how she’s excited for her next job. At the end of the recording, the lady in the car crashed into the building.

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