TikToker claims a $2 self-checkout mistake got her banned from Walmart

TikToker claims walmart pressed charges and banned herTikTok: Fleegus159_barb

A TikToker has gone viral on the app after uploading a video claiming that she was banned from Walmart and had charges pressed against her after forgetting to scan a $2 item in self-checkout.

Over the last few years, more and more Walmart stores are moving to more self-checkout registers, allowing cashiers to move to other positions throughout the store.

With the change, however, customers are continuously worried about the ramifications of forgetting to scan an item while checking out.

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Barb, who goes by fleegus159_barb on TikTok, says that she learned what happens when you make a mistake while scanning items.

TikToker makes mistake at Walmart Self-Checkout

In a video uploaded on September 5, Barb revealed that she forgot to scan one of her Lunchables on the self-checkout machine.

She then went on to claim that Walmart is pressing charges on her, presumably for shoplifting and that she is not allowed to shop at the store again.

The item goes for less than two dollars according to Walmart’s website.

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At the time of writing, Barb’s video has been viewed nearly a million times. Users on the app have also taken to the comments with a variety of thoughts about the alleged situation.

“I feel like they need to implement a margin of error for self-checkouts,” one user replied.

While others shared the thought that they just won’t use self-checkouts: “This is exactly why I won’t use self-checkout. Way too much liability.”

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Another user claims to be an employee of the store, and says that she can’t tell when people are stealing: “I work self-checkout and genuinely have no idea if people are stealing or not so I just don’t say anything”