TikToker’s job application goes viral after asking why he was jobless at 5-years-old

Lawrence Scotti
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A TikToker went viral after he posted a job application that asked him why he was unemployed when he was a 5-year-old.

TikTok has become a hotbed for young adults in the workforce either looking for jobs or sharing their horror stories of entry-level positions.

One style of TikTok that’s become more popular recently is users on the app having to answer bizarre questions on job applications. One user came across a question so unbelievably strange the video instantly went viral.

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TikTok has become one of the most popular video apps on the internet.

TikToker gets asked insane question on job app

TikToker Klauss was filling out a job application on September 2 when they were asked a series of very peculiar questions.

The form asked him to explain the period of time he was unemployed when he was younger. So young, in fact, the age range the company was asking about was when Klauss was just five years old.

“When this job application asks me why I was unemployed in elementary school,” they said in the viral video.

Users in the comment section shared similar stories of being asked strange questions. One user said, “Got asked why I was unemployed for about a year in 2020. Like, are u kidding?”

Another said, “I had to fill out a background check going back 14 years – I had to explain why my name wasn’t on a lease when I was 9.”

A user shared a medical school application horror story, “For my med school application, I had to put down all the addresses I lived at to 25 years ago. I’m 23. I literally just wrote I wasn’t born yet.”

Clearly, Klauss is not alone in having to answer some questions that simply have no real answer.