TikToker fails horribly after pretending to be tennis pro at Wimbledon

Emma Hill
eric_be_ on TikTok pretending to be a Wimbledon pro
TikTok: eric_be_

TikTok creator ‘eric_be_’ has gone viral after pretending to be a Wimbledon champion at the world-famous tennis competition. However,  he didn’t exactly get the wild reception he wanted. 

Every summer, tennis stars from around the globe turn up in droves to attend arguably the most popular tournament of the year-Wimbledon.

However, 2022 saw the arrival of one new star, TikToker eric_be_, who was hoping to rub shoulders with the likes of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams.

Sharing his experience with his 13.6k followers on the app as of writing, Eric donned the signature Wimbledon whites and disguised himself as one of the famous sportsmen trying to hide from his adoring fans. Sadly, it didn’t go to plan.

eric_be_ smiling on TikTok
Eric has traveled all around the world and has shared his experiences with his fans on TikTok.

TikToker Wimbledon disguise fails spectacularly

After managing to get into the prestigious Wimbledon tournament grounds, Eric decided to pull a prank on his fellow attendees.

The TikToker pretended “to be a famous tennis player at Wimbledon.” To help with the gag, he carried a Head tennis racket bag and tried to cover his eyes as if he was trying to ‘hide’ from the paparazzi.

Although, rather than being mobbed by a crowd of eager fans falling for his disguise, they just let him slip through the group.

Fans left in hysterics over the fact that Eric thought he could get away with the gag as many viewers pointed out that he didn’t fit the ‘look’ of a pro player.

As one viewer said: “Doesn’t seem like anyone bought it haha.” Another explained that it could be due to the fact he was only carrying “one racket.”

Eric’s plan may have not worked out initially. Although, with his video picking up 3 million views as of writing, it nonetheless proved a huge success for him on TikTok in the end.