Viral TikTok shows Instacart worker throwing groceries at customer

Lawrence Scotti
TikTok: @rusticboutique97

A TikTok went viral after showing their Instacart delivery person chucking their groceries at them all over their front lawn.

TikTok users are going viral on the video-sharing app for catching bizarre moments on camera, and spilling secret “life hacks.”

One user went viral after discovering a camera in their AirBnB shower head, and another got tons of views for showing users how to get free popcorn at movie theatres.

Now, a TikToker has gone viral for showing footage of their grocery delivery person hurling their order at them in broad daylight.

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Unsplash: May Gauthier
TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular video-sharing apps.

TikToker shows delivery woman throwing groceries at her

User Caitlin Scott, rusticboutique97 on TikTok, posted a video on June 26 that instantly went viral.

In the post, Caitlin walks outside to meet their delivery driver who then throws the bags on the ground and towards her. In response, Caitlin throws the groceries right back at her.

Scott added the caption, “This lady was delivery from Instacart and this is what she did for no reason! I called Instacart and the police showed up and everyone acted like it was okay, what is wrong with people?”

In a follow-up video, Scott responded to a comment alleging she was the aggressor and explained that “she (the delivery woman) acted crazy for no f**king reason. I did nothing to her. There are f**king crazy people in the world.”

Although Scott got the police and Instacart themselves involved, she claimed they didn’t do anything to the delivery driver who destroyed her groceries.