TikToker catches “disgusting” UPS driver spitting into his mailbox

tiktoker catches ups driver spitting into mailboxTikTok: amx0110

A TikToker is going viral for sharing CCTV footage of a UPS driver spitting into their mailbox while dropping off a delivery — and commenters are demanding an answer.

TikToker Alexander Martin uploaded security footage from his front door to TikTok on September 23 that showed a delivery gone wrong.

In the footage, a UPS driver walked up to his doorway to deliver a package, presumably from Target. But instead of dropping off the goods and heading back to his vehicle, the driver did something that commenters are calling “disgusting.”

The driver can be seen opening Martin’s mailbox and spitting inside it before looking at a Pride flag hanging from his roof and walking back to his truck.

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Audio from the footage is difficult to discern, but Martin says the driver used “profanity” during the dropoff — and he’s seeking answers from UPS.

“Hey UPS, you want to tell me why your driver spit in my mailbox, looked directly at my Pride flag, and then used profanity?” he captioned the video. The clip has garnered 84,000 views at the time of writing, as well as a slew of comments demanding answers from UPS.

“Lmao, I seriously don’t understand how drivers don’t have an active ‘There’s probably some camera,’ mindset,” one user wrote.

“I’m just casually waiting for an update on this,” another asked, tagging UPS.

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Another commenter, who claims to have formerly worked with the company, says employees are “literally not allowed to touch mailboxes as they’re federal property. That alone could get him written up or fired.”

commenters demand answers from ups tiktok copyTikTok: amx0110

UPS says “appropriate action was taken” against employee accused of spitting in mailbox

The USPS has previously stated that only United States Postal Service workers are authorized to handle mailboxes “by law.”

UPS has since provided a statement about the situation to Newsweek. “We do not tolerate that behavior and took appropriate action with our employee as soon as it was brought to our attention,” they said of the ordeal.

This is just the latest delivery scandal to go viral on TikTok after a Doordash driver left a customer’s order sitting in a tree after receiving a $1.50 tip.

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