TikToker goes viral after delivery driver leaves Chic-fil-A order in a tree

TikToker's DoorDash driver leaves order in treeTIKTOK: i.aaron

A TikToker went viral after claiming his DoorDash driver left his Chic-fil-A order in a tree, sparking debate.

The DoorDash customer, Aaron, detailed the bizarre experience he had with his driver in a viral video with almost 500,000 views. “Alright, DoorDash, count your days,” he said in the video.

Aaron shared screenshots of his messages with the driver. He said he received a notification that his order had been delivered, however, he couldn’t find it.

“Where did you drop the order off? I can’t find it,” he messaged the driver. “Tree,” the driver responded.

“What does that mean?” Aaron questioned in the video, asking the driver if his order was near his apartment.

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“Dude go f**k yourself you f**king d*ck,” the driver responded, before telling the customer to come outside to get his food, while cursing him out.

Aaron says he found the order placed in a tree on the other side of his apartment complex. “Dude I’m just trynna get my breakfast,” Aaron texted the driver.

However, the DoorDash driver then went off on him for tipping only $1.50 when the order was placed. “I’m bout ready to quit this sh*t job. you lucky you even got your food,” the driver allegedly wrote. “Who the f**k eats Chick-fil-A for breakfast? Go get some f**king eggs and bacon and cook a real breakfast.”

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Aaron said that he did eat his Chick-fil-A order, though he also got a refund. “It was a gamble,” he concluded.

TikTok divided over DoorDash driver leaving customer’s order in tree

Many TikTok users sided with the driver.

“For $1.50 tip you deserve this and more,” one user wrote. “I would have tipped that guy extra for being so funny,” another one commented.

“I would have done the same I hate dashing at apartments. It’s way too much of a struggle especially for a $1.59 tip,” a third user shared. “I am on the dashers side. $1.50!?!” someone else added.

Others, however, shared their own dissatisfying experiences with DoorDash.

“Nah fr. I tipped 20% on a 20$ order and they threw it on the side of the road down the street.. like why,” one user commented.

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“DD has repeatedly delivered my food to the wrong building! Last time the guy yelled at me, ‘what’s the problem, I put it by apt 3803?’” another shared.

“Someone did this to me but with a random bush, then got mad cause I said it wasn’t delivered and she lost the money,” a third wrote.