TikToker catches boyfriend cheating via cruise ship security cameras

TikToker watching CCTV footage on TVTIKTOK: kayla.nicole.g

TikToker Kayla Gardner went viral after catching her boyfriend rubbing shoulders with another woman via a cruise ship’s live feed.

In a viral clip with 12.8 million views, Kayla and one of her friends were watching CCTV footage on a TV that showed what was happening on the ship’s deck.

The footage showed Kayla’s boyfriend heading up to a balcony, and chatting to a woman that they didn’t know. He then put his arm around the unknown woman, sending the TikToker into a frenzy.

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“Stop, that’s the girl! Oh my God, oh my God… this cannot be happening!” she said, in awe of the whole situation. “She just put her hand on his arm!”

In a follow-up video, the man can be seen pulling the woman in so her head is resting on his shoulder, causing Kayla to let out a scream before rushing towards the door of the cabin to go and find him.

“I’ll be right back,” she said, before stopping in her tracks when her friend exclaimed, “he’s giving her his number.” Kayla is then seen yelling into a walkie-talkie, telling her friends that there’s a “911 emergency on the upper Lido deck,” and pleading them to join her to confront him.

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While it’s not clear what happened to the boyfriend, the TikToker posted another clip which showed some footage of a fire and rescue boat surveying the ocean next to the cruise ship.

The video was accompanied by a comment: “What happened with the cheater at the cruise? Hope you threw him off board.” Kayla replied with the caption: “Use your power of deductive reasoning to piece together what happened … not trying to incriminate myself but.”

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TikTok users were shocked that she was able to watch the whole thing unfold via a livestream provided by the cruise ship.

“The fact that you can watch what’s going on, on the decks is crazy,” one commented. “Who needs The Bachelor when you can just watch the ship’s live cam,” another wrote.

Others wanted an update on the content creator’s relationship status.

In a recent video titled “cheating aftermath,” Kayla was filmed throwing her ex’s clothes outside her apartment window. Then in a second clip, she thanked her followers for embarking on her end-of-relationship journey and revealed she was single.

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