Avrey Ovard goes viral on TikTok for rejecting “abusive” guy at the gym

Hannah Van-de-Peer
Avrey Ovard gym TikTok viral

Influencer Avrey Ovard has blown up on TikTok for exposing a man who hit on her at the gym. The content creator posted the video on August 15, calling for men to “leave women alone” in the caption.  

19-year-old Avrey has a pretty substantial platform. With almost 1 million YouTube subscribers and over 100,000 TikTok followers, its easy to see why she’s using her influence for good.

The social media sensation rarely posts videos of her fitness journey. During her August 15 vlog, however, she decided to let her subscribers know “how I transformed my body.”

Avrey removed all audio from the gym segment on her YouTube video, instead inserting her own narration. While explaining what happened, she stated she’d “never… been hit on in the gym” before. She described the culprit as an “old man” and said, “I couldn’t stop thinking why is (he) talking to me?”

Topic starts at 3:04

The gym clip went viral after Avrey posted it on TikTok

Avrey claimed in the caption that the “older man” was in his “forties.” In the TikTok, she left in the original audio for her followers to hear exactly what was said.

The man approached her, asking “are you taking a video?” He later gestured for the influencer to take her AirPods out, before “talking about something [I don’t care] about.” Avery stated she was trying to “look down at (her) phone” the whole time.

He then said he wanted to “get her number… for dinner.” When Avery turned him down, insisting that she was “too young” for him, the man claimed he was “too rich” for her anyway.

Fans rushed to Avrey’s defense

Avrey’s TikTok followers questioned the man’s conduct within the comments. “Why can men not handle rejection,” one user commented. “He had to be abusive the second he got rejected,” said another.

Others called for the man to be held accountable for his actions. “Saying you’re too young held him accountable,” one follower commented. “Half the time we say we have boyfriends and they still push for our numbers.”

Some commenters found in favor of the man. “She didn’t need to be rude to him,” one user exclaimed. “He didn’t do anything wrong,” said another. “He just saw a cute girl and shot his shot!”

The YouTube video currently stands at 80,000 views, with the TikTok racking up over double the amount. Check out Avrey’s account for more content.