TikToker arrested after posting video of motorcycle chase after fleeing police

TikTok ArrestFacebook: Clayton County Police Department

A TikToker was arrested in Clayton County for resisting arrest and leading police on a high-speed chase after they investigated the suspect’s social media, where they allegedly uploaded a video of the incident.

The suspect had initially escaped the police on his motorcycle, averaging more than 100 miles per hour while weaving through other cars. He then uploaded the video of himself driving and on the run from the police.

According to the Clayton County Police Department’s Facebook page, “After hearing about the chase, Lieutenant Reimers began searching social media and was able to locate video on TikTok and Youtube that appeared to be recorded by the suspect during the pursuit.”

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Reimers noticed the motorcycle in question, which was a modified version of a 2022 Triumph Street Triple RS, which is supposedly quite a rare bike. The lieutenant then used the information and checked for registered vehicles, and found the only one registered in Shangrila Circle in Riverdale, Georgia.

TikTok ArrestFacebook: Clayton County Police Department
The suspect narrowly dodges a police car

Lieutenant Reimers continued his investigation, discovering more photos of the suspect’s vehicle on various social media platforms, and shared his findings with Georgia State Patrol. Liuetenant Reimers and the Georgia State Patrol Trooper went to the address, and talked to the suspect in question.

Faced with the evidence, the suspect ultimately admitted to his crimes, and twelve arrest warrants were obtained. The original TikTok account of the motorcyclist was not disclosed, but footage of the chase can be seen on the Clayton County Police Department’s Facebook page.

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The social media account of the Police Department celebrated Lietenant Reimer’s efforts.

“Without the diligent efforts of Lieutenant Reimers to go above and beyond the call of duty, it is highly likely that the offender would not have been identified and he could have continued to endanger the citizens of Clayton County.”