TikTok stars Charli D’Amelio & Addison Rae are now taking over YouTube

YouTube: James Charles / Addison Rae

Two of TikTok’s biggest stars are already making the leap to YouTube stardom, as the pair rack up millions of views in a matter of days with their makeup routines and tutorials.

Starting their TikTok careers less than one year ago, in Summer 2019, D’Amelio and Rae (real name Easterling) have skyrocketed up the app’s charts, with the former now the second most followed account.

With a combined follower count of over 66 million as of March 22, the young stars are becoming two of the most talked-about content creators on the platform – proven by their instant success on YouTube.

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Addison Rae and Charli D'AmelioInstagram: Charli D'Amelio
Charli and Addison’s rise on social media has been unstoppable.

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Normally, it would take an aspiring YouTuber years to build up a following and attract lots of views on their videos but, for Charli and Addison, their names are already bringing in the viewers, without ever really being dedicated YouTubers.

First off, Charli collaborated with established beauty YouTuber James Charles, who did her makeup and discussed some of the pitfalls of her TikTok fame.

A separate video of their collab was also posted on D’Amelio’s own channel, and combined the two videos have racked up over 12 million views in just over a day (10 million on Charles’ channel, and 2.2 million on D’Amelios. They were also placed at number 1 and 3 respectively on YouTube’s trending page.

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Addison Rae kickstarts YouTube

Back in August 2019, Addison Rae uploaded her first YouTube video – a makeup routine. It was clear that she wasn’t a seasoned YouTuber yet though, and so has done an updated version on March 19.

In only three days, the video has already cross the 1 million views mark, with her subscriber count boosting by over 300,000 in the past 30 days, up to 760,000.

It won’t be long until she too crosses the 1 million sub mark, chasing D’Amelio’s 2.2 million. The pair are close friends, but are also in a friendly rivalry to see who can hit various milestones first.

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It looks inevitable that D’Amelio will overtake Loren Gray to become the number one account on TikTok soon but, with the backing of her agency and the Hype House, she will no doubt have ambitions to expand more into other platforms like YouTube.

Addison Rae has also teased moving into livestreaming, even streaming games on sites like Twitch – another booming social media platform.