TikTok star Bryce Hall addresses backlash over “disrespectful” old video

BryceHall, Instagram

TikTok star Bryce Hall has issued a response after old videos of him on a 2017 YouNow stream resurfaced.

Bryce Hall has blown up in popularity in 2020, with over ten million followers across his TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

However, the internet star’s first venture into social media fame was on streaming service YouNow, which would allow him to chat with viewers and engage with other creators on the platform.

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A clip from one of his old YouNow streams from 2017 recently resurfaced, where Bryce was in a heated debate with a girl who he had hosted on his channel, criticizing her on stream and calling her a “wh**e”.

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The popular influencer received backlash for the old video, and has now spoken out in response to the clip on May 16.

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“People are really bringing back my old videos from when I was 16-17 and judging me based on that?” he asked, before explaining that people can change over time.

He continued on by claiming that while he agrees he deserves to be criticized over the incident, it is unfair for people to bring back the clip to use it against him years after it has happened.

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“I’m not saying I don’t deserve criticism for it [because] I did act as a little disrespectful prick in the past,” he admitted,” but randomly bringing it back and just now hating on me for it after I apologized sincerely on it multiple times.”

The girl who originally posted the old video then deleted it, and spoke out in two more TikTok videos. “That’s a decision he chose to make and he chose to act that way for an audience which I think is uncalled for and that’s why I posted it,” she said. “I know that people can change and it was a long time ago. However my personal opinions are mine.”

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This is not the only drama that the TikTok star has found himself in, as his back and forth with fellow content creator Ricegum seems to be continuing after Bryce revealed he would be releasing another video on the feud.

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