TikTok star Alex Warren slammed for destroying girlfriend’s car as a prank

Alex Warren under fire for destroying girlfriend's carYouTube: Alex Warren

Popular TikTok creator Alex Warren is facing intense backlash from critics after destroying his girlfriend’s old car as part of an elaborate prank…even though he gifted her a new vehicle afterwards.

Alex Warren boasts an impressive following across multiple social media platforms. Garnering 14 million TikTok followers and 2.6 million YouTube subscribers, Warren creates content similar to that of David Dobrik — including wild stunts and complex pranks.

However, one of his most recent pranks is earning him ample criticism from viewers, which sparked after he decided to gift his girlfriend a new vehicle in a creative way.

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Rather than merely surprising her with a set of keys in a scavenger hunt, Warren pranked girlfriend and fellow influencer ‘Kouvr’ by leading her outside to show her that he’d run over her well-loved 2001 Toyota Camry with a sleek, black 4×4 G Wagon.

Kouvr's CamryYouTube: Alex Warren
Kouvr’s 2001 Toyota Camry had no idea what it was in for.

As if that wasn’t enough, a member of Warren’s posse broke one of the Camry’s passenger windows with a rock, screaming all the while.

During the video, Kouvr seems thoroughly confused, with the camera catching a close-up of an expression that seems close to tears.

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Luckily, Warren revealed that he’d gifted her the G Wagon shortly thereafter — prompting his buddies to rain more destruction down on the totaled Camry.

“Why would you do that?” Kouvr asked of her boyfriend, completely shocked.

“Because it’s your dream car!” Warren responded.

Despite the prank video ending on a wholesome note, many commenters weren’t happy that Warren destroyed a car that some felt could have been gifted to drivers in need of transportation.

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“Y’all rich as hell,” one user wrote. “If you guys don’t want it, maybe fix it and donate it?”

“It’s like destroying someone’s stuffed animal and giving them a new, better one,” another mused. “Great, that’s cool, but you don’t know what that meant to someone.”

Commenters berate Alex Warren's car prank.

Commenters berate Alex Warren's car prank.

“You could have given that car to someone who needs it,” yet another critic chimed in. “Ungrateful.”

It’s worth noting that noted internet philanthropist MrBeast orchestrated a similar stunt beforehand, where he destroyed a friend’s car only to gift him a brand-new vehicle as recompense.

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Warren has since responded to the outrage in a comment underneath his TikTok of the prank, stating that the car had broken down just a year after she’d purchased it and that “the cost in repairs was more than it was worth.”

Alex Warren explains car-destroying prank.TikTok: Alex Warren
Warren claimed that Kouvr’s 2001 Camry was actually already totaled before being destroyed in his prank.

What’s your take on the situation? Do you think Warren should have donated Kouvr’s old car, or is he within his rights to destroy the Camry for a prank-turned-gift? Let us know on Twitter @DexertoTrending!

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