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TikTok ‘sleepfluencer’ makes $30k a month by letting viewers wake him up in crazy ways

Published: 14/Jun/2022 13:20

by Sam Comrie


TikToker Jakey Boehm manages to make a living on the platform by letting TikTok users disrupt his sleep in absurd and creative ways. 

We’d all like to stay in bed and relish the comfort of our home, wouldn’t we? Well for TikToker Jakey Boehm, he’s managed to make it a reality by turning the act of sleeping into an interactive game on TikTok.

By allowing other users to interrupt their sleep with an array of hilarious methods, the content creator has turned sleeping into his full-time job.

an image of tiktoker Jakey Boehm
TikTok: Jakey Boehm
TikTok users can unleash anything from bubbles to water on the TikToker.

TikToker Jakey Boehm makes a living as a “sleepfluencer”

Speaking with Business Insider, TikToker Jakey Boehm revealed that he earns up to and sometimes over $34,000 for his antics. Dubbing himself a “sleepfluencer”, Boehm said: “It’s seriously life-changing money. The first week I made about $5,000 dollars.


“That’s where I thought ‘This is big, I can do something really crazy here.'”

To carry out his bizarre streams, Boehm has crafted a custom script that analyzes specific phrases or prompts within his live chat. Once the correct prompt has been discovered by his script, a new distraction can be deployed within Boehm’s room.

@jakeyboehmJoin the live! Control lights, sounds , videos, bubble machines and more by gifting specific items!♬ original sound – Jakey – Interactive Sleep 😴

The TikToker works 49-hour weeks, often going live from 11 PM to 6 PM GMT+10. Notably, the content creator has managed to turn TikTok’s gift function into a clever way of introducing new elements to his streams.

TikTok users who gift Boehm virtual items such as a cap will trigger an FBI-style raid noise within Boehm’s room.


As of June 6, 2022, Boehm has managed to forge his way into the top 30 most viewed streamers in Australia.