TikTok star Chris Olsen goes viral after babysitting for Meghan Trainor

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TikToker Chris Olsen posing with Meghan Trainor, her husband Sabara, and their son Riley
TikTok/ Instagram: Chris Olsen

TikToker Chris Olsen went all-out when pop singer Meghan Trainor and her husband, ‘Spy Kids’ star Daryl Sabara, asked if he would mind babysitting their son Riley. 

With 7.6M followers and 636.3M likes to his name, influencer Chris Olsen has already proven himself to be a hit on TikTok.

If he’s not pulling in millions of views by posting videos alongside his friend Meghan Trainor, he’s showing off his skills as an uncle to his baby niece.

For his latest babysitting mission, Olsen decided to wear the perfect outfit for the occasion. He also sported a brilliant pair of shoes that sent fans into a frenzy.

Chris Olsen talking to his niece
TikTok: Chris Olsen
Olsen has had fans in hysterics over his adorable videos with his niece.

Meghan Trainor enlists Chris Olsen to babysit

On June 13, Olsen showed what happened after he received a text from his friend Trainor asking him to babysit her young son Riley. He accepted the challenge but needed to make “an outfit change.”

In the video, Olsen is shown arriving at Trainor’s home wearing a black-and-white nanny costume complete with his famous high-heeled crocs.

He then effortlessly pulls out a stroller and waltzes into her home to collect Riley, leaving Trainor and Sabara in awe.

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The video proved an instant favorite among Olsen’s fans and went on to receive 4.8m views and 1.2m likes as of writing.

Fans heaped praise on Olsen for his perfect outfit choice, especially over the fact his “croc heels [matched] the fit.” Another viewer who admired his nanny skills said: “I swear I need you to be the cool uncle to my kids.”

As Olsen and Trainor have been friends since high school, this hopefully won’t be the last we see of him showing off just how seriously he takes his babysitting duties.

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