TikTok reveals extreme measures Florida zoo is taking to save animals from Hurricane Ian

Lawrence Scotti
tiktok crane

A TikTok has gone viral showing a zoo in Florida that took extreme measures to ensure their animals were protected from Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Ian has landed in Florida and is set to be one of the most devastating storms to hit the state in a long time.

In preparation for the hurricane, residents of the Sunshine State have boarded their windows and evacuated their homes.

However, for places zoos like the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, evacuating all different types of animal species wasn’t going to be possible, so they took some unorthodox measures in order to protect their wildlife which ended up making them go viral on TikTok.

Florida zoo stores animals in bathroom during hurricane

The zoo is one of Florida’s oldest attractions, having opened over 100 years ago. As Hurricane Ian approached, the staff at the alligator farm had to take drastic measures to protect their more fragile animals, like cranes and

A TikTok of theirs went viral which showed zoo staff placing one of their crane birds in a bathroom of theirs.

One of the staff members claimed the bathroom is a much happier alternative to putting the exotic bird in a cage during the storm, which would be a way tighter fit.

The video has gained over five million views in just a single day after being posted.

In a later video, the staff placed two different birds in the bathroom.

In the video description, the crew explained how putting the birds in an unused bathroom will be the safest option.

“They are made as comfortable as possible and then safely secured. We take these opportunities to do wellness checks on them since we don’t catch them up often.”

As the storm passes throughout the southern state the birds will be holed up in the bathroom until the skies clear.

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