TikTok nanny Lizzie Norton goes viral for “aggressive” Dirty Dancing video

TikTok Nanny and Dad Lizzie NortonInstagram: lizziinorton / TikTok: raypo3

A 23 year-old nanny has gone viral on TikTok for doing an “inappropriate” dance with her client. Lizzie Norton was seen recreating the “Dirty Dancing” move with a married man. 

TikToker Rachel (@raypo3) is known for creating unconventional family content. From filming her “fat mom a**” in TikTok leggings to showing her husband a certain sexy Netflix show, Rachel is certainly no stranger to fraught fan reactions.

On August 3, the TikToker came under fire for posting an intimate video starring her nanny and husband. The post, which now has over 8 million views, features Lizzie “straddling” the father of two.

Fans weren’t happy with the display, claiming it has “negative energy” and branding it “aggressive.”

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TikTok users flocked to the comment section

At over 18,000 comments, fans were grabbing their popcorn to watch the drama unfold. “I flew Delta to the comments,” one said. “I tore my ACL running here,” wrote another.

Viewers made funny observations about the “inappropriate” nature of the post. “My wife divorced me solely for watching this video,” wrote TikToker Drew Koehler.

Others rushed to Rachel’s defense. “Isn’t it good for nannies to have a good friendship with the parents,” said one user. “They trust her. I doubt anything is going on,” wrote another.

Lizzie Norton TikTok Nanny and DadInstagram: lizziinorton
When she’s not nannying, Lizzie works as a model in NYC.

The family responds

Rachel responded to the backlash in a comment posted on said TikTok. “We’re flattered by the interest guys,” she said. “Most of you are out of your minds, but we’re flattered.”

She later posted another video of her husband, featuring the caption “walking in from work after a day of going viral.” Rachel could be heard sarcastically saying “sup cheater,” to her man.

Lizzie responded in kind with a TikTok of her own, insisting “all press is good press.”

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