TikTok mom’s bizarre “shower tong” story has left the internet stunned - Dexerto

TikTok mom’s bizarre “shower tong” story has left the internet stunned

Published: 7/May/2022 15:15

by Sam Comrie


TikToker jiffysauresrex gripped the viral video platform with her bizarre “shower tongs” story, in which her son seemingly had a unique use for them behind closed doors. 

TikTok really is the land of modern storytelling, as people share their wild and strange stories from around the world. It is also a space for families to come together, as TikToker jiffysauresrex has used the platform to share antics with her sons, the latest of which has gripped TikTok users due to its mysterious nature.

After finding a pair of tongs in her shower, the TikToker began to question what exactly her son had used them for.


an image of tiktok jiffysauresrex
TikTok: jiffysauresrex
The TikToker has seen some interesting things in her time, but this occasion sparked a mystery.

TikToker questions strange use of “kitchen tongs” in her son’s shower

TikToker jiffysauresrex shared the first chapter of this tale on May 5, as she begun by saying “as a boy-mom I’ve learned to accept some things: my house will always be loud and messy, my boys can turn anything into a competition and tape measures will always go missing.”

While it just seemed initially like a case of ‘boys will be boys’, the concerned mom revealed the unique turn in the tale: “What I cannot wrap my mind around is why my favorite kitchen tongs, the ones I use for salad, are in my son’s shower.”

“I’m thinking maybe that it’s like the soap gets all willy nilly and them tongs can help pick it up. I don’t know what they’re been used for. I have no clue” the TikToker added.


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While the mother admitted she’d “like to know” she was concerned about asking “questions” to her son. However, since the story gathered over 1.5 million views, a conclusive chapter was uploaded a day later.

“Shower tong update. So it turns out when my son was down from Saint Louis, they dropped something in the toilet and decided to use my favorite kitchen tongs to fish em out.”

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@jiffysauresrex #update #shower #tongs #innocent #fetish #weird #fyp #😳 ♬ original sound – Jiffypop

Rather than replace them or wash the tongs, for the TikToker to “come along and find and have all these scenarios running through my brain.”


Many commenters have shared they initially thought the purpose of using them for more private: “My mind went where yours did.”

However, the mom has received praise for supporting her son regardless of whether he may have a closer connection to the tongs than others.