TikTok mom slammed for holding up drive-thru to let kid order

TikToker's child ordering at Dairy Queen drive-thruTIKTOK: ashlyn_ross

Mom influencer Ashlyn Ross left TikTok viewers divided after letting her child order at a Dairy Queen drive-thru.

In a viral 30-second clip, TikToker Ashlyn Ross (ashlyn_ross) recorded her child, Cove, putting his head out of the car window and placing his order at the popular ice cream and fast food chain.

“At first I tried to tell Cove that DQ didn’t allow kids to order but as you can see – he got his way,” she wrote in the caption of the video, which showed her son stumbling a few times, before managing to successfully place an order.

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The child was polite to the Dairy Queen worker, saying, “Ma’am? I’m ready. Do you let kids order?” However, the employee could not hear Cove, and asked him to repeat himself.

“Yes, just order, just say a Dilly bar,” Ashlyn instructed her son. He then told the DQ worker, “Briggs wants a Dilly bar and I want a dipped cone please.”

Cove then let his mom that “JC wants something,” but after she informed him that she already purchased JC an item, he still tried to continue the order. “No, no,” she told her kid, before the video cut out.

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TikTok divided over kid ordering at drive-thru

In the comments section, many TikTok users requested that Ashlyn and other parents not have their child order in drive-thrus.

“Girl don’t do this to the workers,” one user said. “We love the idea of this but it’s already so difficult to hear adult customers through the speaker. It’s almost impossible to understand children,” another wrote.

“It’s hard to hear over the mic so and hearing kids is worse. I recommend going inside if you still want him to order,” a third suggested.

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Others, however, thought the video was cute, and said it’s fine to let a child order via a drive-thru. “I’ve worked in fast food and when a kid ordered my heart melted and made me laugh! This is so cute!” one wrote.

“He’s very polite. When I worked in a fast food restaurant, I loved when kids would order by themselves,” another agreed.

This is just the latest drive-thru moment to gain traction on TikTok, after a McDonald’s customer pulled up with a horse in her car.

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