TikTok is obsessed with woman’s Starbucks meet cute romance

Virginia Glaze

A woman’s meet cute with a guy she met at Starbucks is taking over TikTok, with hopeful viewers rooting for this potential couple as she chronicles their conversations in a series of viral videos.

TikTok user Megan Malacon is going viral on the video-sharing app after uploading a clip detailing her interaction with a “really cute” guy she met while working at a Starbucks in London.

According to Malacon, the two hit it off after he asked her to watch his things while he took a trip to the men’s room. Both of them were working from the cafe and exchanged information after discussing each other’s jobs and other small details.

Malacon had a glowing review for the guy, saying he was “really smart” and “career-driven” on top of being seriously cute (and doesn’t even have Instagram on his phone), but there was just one thing throwing her off — his age.

TikTok is obsessed after woman meets guy in viral Starbucks meet cute

Malacon is 25 years old, while her mysterious amore is 21. The TikToker claims she usually goes for guys “at least two years older” than her… but commenters are begging for her to see past the age difference and go for it.

“21 and no Instagram on the phone?” one viewer wrote. “Immediately, YES IMMEDIATELY.”

“Girl, if you don’t give him a chance,” another urged. “Younger men adore women a lil’ older, anyway.”

“You have to be a cougar at least once, just for the plot,” yet another joked.

She also shared a screenshot of some text messages they exchanged, with the guy writing: “Hey Megan, nice meeting you earlier. Missed you, as I couldn’t trust anyone else to look after my Mac whilst I went to Lululemon.”

Malacon has continued to chronicle her conversations with the guy on TikTok over the past 24 hours, with her videos about the ordeal gaining hundreds of thousands to millions of views each as users are hung on her every word.

It’s safe to say that TikTok is obsessed with this budding romance and is collectively hoping that it works out — but we won’t know until we know.

This is just the latest romantic escapade to take over TikTok after a woman stunned audiences by giving her husband a thoughtful bouquet as a gift.

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