The real reason Twitch removed Ninja’s verified mark isn’t as petty as everyone thought


It didn’t take long for fans to notice something different about Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins Twitch profile after the streamer announced he would be joining rival streaming platform Mixer.

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Soon after the Fortnite star made the Mixer announcement on August 1, fans noticed that the partnered checkmark next to his name on Twitch disappeared.

A good number of people immediately thought it was Twitch acting petty after losing one of the biggest names in streaming to a rival site, but the real reason is all business.

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It’s nothing personal, Ninja

In order to stream on Mixer, Ninja (or any other streamer who makes the switch) has to officially end their contract with Twitch.

Because he’s no longer a Twitch partner – that means no more checkmark on Twitch, just another sign that the age of Mixer Ninja has begun.

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