The ACE Family reveal why they’re finished having kids

YouTube: The ACE Family

The ACE Family has finally decided to stop growing their ranks after the birth of their son, Steel McBroom, in late June — but some fans aren’t too sure how to feel about this sudden decision.

The ACE Family is one of YouTube’s most popular family channels, boasting over 19 million subscribers due to their humorous videos that follow their daily lives.

The family is comprised of five members: Father Austin McBroom, mother Catherine Paiz, daughters Elle and Alaïa, and newborn son Steel McBroom.

After welcoming their newest member in June, the ACE Family has decided to put any further additions on indefinite hold, as told in a video uploaded on August 11 that has divided some viewers.

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In their video, Paiz revealed that she decided to receive an IUD, rather than McBroom undergoing a vasectomy, as Paiz’s healthcare physician claimed the ACE family patriarch was “too young” for the procedure.

Although Catherine claimed she “really doesn’t think” she’ll want to have any more children in the next five to ten years, she isn’t completely ruling out any future plans, stating that “life is full of mysteries” and “surprises.”

“So, pretty much, ACE Family, this is the end of our having babies journey,” McBroom explained. “We have a full, big, complete family now, and we couldn’t be any happier.”

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(Topic begins at 8:05)

However, some fans are divided as to the couple’s decision, with commenters expressing dismay over the toll having three children may have taken on Paiz’s body in four years – as well as her taking responsibility for the birth control.

“I can’t even count how many times Catherine says SHE is done bearing and birthing children, yet everyone around her is throwing around the ‘what ifs,’” one user wrote. “Let this woman have say of her own body and mental health.”

“It’s not fair that Catherine had to take one for the team yet again,” another chimed in. “She just gave birth, and now this.”

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YouTube viewers comment on the ACE Family's latest decision.YouTube: The ACE Family
Commenters were largely divided as to the specifics of the ACE Family’s decision to stop having kids – most notably, who was in charge of the birth control.

“I feel like Austin loves his kids, it’s just he is always counting on Catherine for everything,” another viewer expressed. “I believe it going to take a horrible mental toll on her if he doesn’t step in.”

Despite fan concerns, the couple appears to be happy and welcoming of their big change as they focus on raising the three little ones they have already brought into the world.