Tfue vs Ninja – Who’s the best Twitch streamer?

High profile streamers compete each year to get the highest subscribers on Twitch and despite continued competition between Fortnite streamer around right now, since Tfue revealed his sub count in January 2019 that coincided with his ever-increasing viewership on the platform. 

While he might have been on the receiving end of some brutal Fortnite eliminations at the hands of Tfue in the past, Ninja is still a dominating force when it comes to his streaming career. 

So, let’s compare the two based on five different indicators and ultimately decided which is the better streamer to watch between the two…

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Epic GamesBoth Tfue and Ninja often stream Fortnite on Twitch for their fans.

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Tfue vs Ninja: Twitch subscribers

Let’s start with one of the easiest ways to gage a streamer’s draw – Twitch subscribers. 

Tfue’s current following, as we mentioned before, is impressive. In fact, it’s very impressive. For a channel to boast over 50,000 subscribers, it just goes to show that his hard work, passion for gaming and impressive steady hand is paying off. 

However, that’s not a scratch on Ninja’s best total. Blevins once boasted a record number of 269,000 – as he confirmed on March 7, 2019 – which, even he admits, would be almost impossible to reach again in the future. 

Tfue has got a long way to go before reaching that total and he’s definitely moving in that direction, but it’s difficult to see Ninja’s tally being bettered any time soon. 

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Tfue vs Ninja: Head-to-head battles

Ninja might have the upper hand in some areas, but one that he cannot deny Tfue has the upper hand in is head-to-head contests. 

On a number of occasions the FaZe Clan star has schooled the popular streamer, whether that’s completely outclassing him with an epic trap kill, or outplaying him to a point where he thinks there is a hacker in the match. 

While Ninja has been part of the winning team for the first competitive tournament in each new battle royale (H1Z1, PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends), Tfue certainly gets the edge when they lock horns. 

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Tfue vs Ninja: Mainstream status

Whether you like him or not, there’s no question that what Ninja has achieved in terms of building a mainstream personality for himself puts the gaming community – particularly streamers – in the spotlight.

He’s appeared on Jimmy Fallon, been interviewed by Ellen, appeared at the Game Awards, promoted video games such as Fallout 76, and continues to bolster his profile by hosting guests streams with the likes of Neymar Jr. and Drake

Despite not having as much media appearances or mainstream attention, Tfue arguably replaced Ninja as the face of Fortnite towards the latter stages of 2018 and was on fire at the beginning of 2019. 

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For the general public, though, Ninja has become a symbol of what people can do by streaming and he deserves great credit for building that status for himself – something that Tfue perhaps doesn’t want, but hasn’t yet achieved nonetheless. 

Tfue vs Ninja: It’s not all about Fortnite

RAREWould you like to see Tfue branch out like Ninja has with Sea of Thieves, Apex Legends and other games?

People can only take so much flossing and dabbing until they move onto something else. Ninja might be well-known as a streamer of the Epic Games title, but he didn’t limit himself to just Fortnite. 

In fact, he’s tried Apex Legends and even Sea of Thieves during a brief spell where the game surged to popularity on Twitch at the beginning of 2019. 

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Tfue, on the other hand, sticks to the world of llamas and banana skins, possibly to his future detriment. It would be nice to see him expand his horizons. 

Tfue vs Ninja: Criticisms of Fortnite

Epic GamesWhich streamer is the fairest in their criticisms of Fortnite… Tfue or Ninja?

Many high-profile Twitch streamers tend to use their status to push for major changes in the video games that they play – something Tfue and Ninja are certainly guilty of. 

There’s no doubt that it works, either. Videos of either streamer uncovering an exploit or a glitch in the game will gain popularity a lot quicker than the general fan’s opinion would, because of their influence and following. Tfue has certainly uncovered some shocking exploits, such as that of the grappler, which soon gripped the attention of the developer and resulted in it being vaulted – so, it can work positively!

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Blevins’ detractors might suggest that he’s firmly in that category, but he generally has a more balanced and calmer approach to criticism than Tfue – who has complained so much about the game in recent months that he’s now labelled Fortnite “boring” and later predicted that it would “die” in a year’s time. 

Ninja might chime in with some criticism if big talking points arise, but he’s nowhere near as negative with his comments as Tfue. Which, again, begs the question… Why not try another game? 

Tfue vs Ninja: The verdict

Who wins in the great battle between Tfue and Ninja?

So, there you have it. We’ve covered five areas to compare both Tfue and Ninja, looking at their reach,  variety, as well as other factors. 

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While both streamers are incredible at what they do and have clearly achieved the pinnacles of potential success from streaming, we think Ninja just edges it at the moment – based on the things discussed. It was a close one. 

How do you feel about our decision?