Tfue responds to Instagram after his pictures are deleted for “bullying”

Tfue, Instagram /, Instagram

Twitch streamer and Fortnite pro Turner “Tfue” Tenney is hitting back at popular social media platform Instagram after several of his photos were suddenly removed from the site.

Tenney, best known for his Fortnite prowess and hugely popular live streams, boasts a massive following on Instagram, racking up over 5.6 million followers alongside his impressive 7.5 million Twitch fans.

However, it looks like the esports star isn’t immune to Instagram’s occasional oddities, with one of the pro’s photos being mysteriously removed on February 11.

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A screenshot provided by Tfue shows a message from the platform that states one of his recent posts was removed for allegedly breaking their guidelines against “bullying and harassment.”

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Since the post has been removed, the photo’s caption is nowhere to be found — but the gamer joked that the picture, which showed him dressed in a pair of overalls with one strap unclasped, was an “onlyfans tease,” poking fun at his exposed skin.

Tfue, Twitter
Twitch star and Fortnite pro “Tfue” was baffled after Instagram deleted the photo above for alleged “bullying and harassment.”

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As the platform didn’t cite inappropriate content as the reason for his post’s removal, the deletion comes as a confusing development for both Tfue and fans, alike.

However, the esports star isn’t letting this sudden development bring him down, as evidenced by his hilarious reply to Instagram’s message.

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Rather than angrily lashing out at the site, he instead posted the deleted photos to Twitter, writing, “Since Instagram deleted this, hi Twitter.”

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Posing in an expensive looking entryway with a pickaxe in hand, Tfue’s new look hardly warrants “bullying and harassment” — a sentiment that other top names in the online entertainment space have also expressed.

Drama Alert’s Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem called out Instagram in a pointed Tweet, asking that the site “fix” the issue straight away.

Others echoed this demand, while some theorized that a “report bot” could be behind the sudden deletion, with a rogue user falsely reporting Tfue’s account in an effort to bring it down.

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Whatever the case may be, Tfue is keeping his head held high in spite of the baffling removal — and he’s not afraid to work his fierce new look for the camera, either.