James Charles shows off $10,000 custom Balenciaga sneakers and bags

by Jacob Hale


James Charles has received several pairs of custom Balenciaga sneakers and bags worth $10,000 and has shown them off in a new video.

The world of YouTube and major online personalities has collided with that of big, high-end fashion brands, and you’ll often see these people donning outfits worth tens of thousands of dollars.

In a new video by artist ZHC, he gifts Charles $10,000 worth of Balenciaga items including multiple bags and pairs of sneakers, all with custom one-of-a-kind designs that are exclusive to the fashion and make-up guru himself.

Twitter: jamescharles
Charles has not made any secret of the fact that he's a fan of Balenciaga.


The sneakers include a Balenciaga Triple S, which ZHC has painted a rainbow dragon and flames along the sides of, as well as three pairs of the Balenciaga Speed (or “sock”) sneaker.

One has green ‘scrunchie’ toy designs along the side, another pair he calls the “donut drips” because of the donut-icing styling along the edges, and another that has a unique floral-inspired theme.

Finally, he works on three different custom bags: a backpack, a handbag and a fanny pack, that all featured similar space-themed designs with quirky colors and shapes throughout the ensure there was no way anyone would be able to miss Charles with his high-end gear.



While on their way to visit the star, ZHC and his crew found time to work on a custom pair of Balenciaga sliders with “trippy” flames painted on them, as well as a wallet that follows the same space theme as the other bags being gifted.

Charles looks in absolute awe throughout, trying on every piece and visibly overwhelmed by the incredible gifts and work he’s being given, and saying that the Triple S design is officially his favorite.

Finally, James opens the backpack which he is “literally obsessed with” and clearly can’t believe his luck, saying that he’ll “use it every day.”


YouTube: ZHC
The backpack alone is worth nearly $2,000.

Given the amount of time, effort and money that would have gone into making these designs and gifting them to Charles, it’s fortunate he responded the way he did.

Finally, they worked on custom iPhone 11s to give away to their fans – which would definitely make you feel better about not receiving a unique $10,000 Balenciaga haul.