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Tfue pokes fun at Ninja’s Fortnite stream sniping controversy

Published: 21/Nov/2018 10:37 Updated: 21/Nov/2018 11:27

by Calum Patterson


Popular streamer and FaZe Clan player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney re-enacted Ninja’s now infamous line, telling an opponent to “leave now and I won’t report you,” during the stream sniping clip that stirred serious controversy.

Ninja, real name Tyler Blevins, found himself at the center of major backlash from the Fortnite community after he wrongfully reported a player for ‘stream sniping’ him.

After doing so, he proceeded to badger the player, saying “If you leave this game right now, I will not report you.”

The clip quickly went viral, as Fortnite fans piled on the hate to Ninja, who later apologized and admitted it was a mistake, and that he had had a few drinks that night.


Unfortunately, his words will likely now forever be a meme, first impersonated by fellow streamer TimTheTatman, and now Tfue too.

During a stream on November 20, Tfue was playing in scrims against his viewers, when enemy players continued to chase him (presumably watching on stream), and so responds “if you leave the game right now, I won’t ban you from my discord.”

Other streamers have also mocked Ninja’s infamous words, such as AmericanDad, going as far to make a whole skit of him leaving the country on a plane, after being told to “leave right now” by Ninja.

As Ninja commented in an interview with KEEMSTAR, he knows the hate will “never go away”, saying the damage was done.


Many other streamers in the community stood up to defend Ninja however, after a second accusation of him falsely reporting a player to get them banned turned out to be a fabrication.