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Entertainment • Nov 11, 2018

PewDiePie vs T-Series - Live real-time YouTube subscriber counts


The most subscribed YouTuber, Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg may be about to lose his spot as the most subscribed YouTuber, as Indian record label T-Series is on pace to overtake him.


PewDiePie has had the privilege of being the number one YouTuber for years, but it may be coming to an end, although he has claimed that he doesn't "really care": "I genuinely don’t. I think that if YouTube does shift in a way that’s more corporate… something else will take its place."

However, he has certainly made the most of the fan interest in the situation, releasing multiple videos on the topic and even a diss track, oddly called 'bitch lasagna', to roast the Indian company.

PewDiePie also questioned the legitimacy of T-Series subscriber count, as rumors suggested that every new YouTube account made in India was automatically subscribed to the channel.

Later, PewDiePie hit 67 million subscribers, and doubted that he would ever be the first to hit a milestone again, although he did hit 68 million before T-Series.

Update, November 3: PewDiePie has now successfully hit 69 million subscribers first, and is now on the road to 70 million. Meanwhile, T-Series is still around 600,000 subscribers away.

Update 2, November 10PewDiePie has now hit 70 million subscribers on November 10, T-Series had ~69,450,000 when PewDiePie hit the historic milestone.

PewDiePie's has been gaining subscribers at an accelerated rate, with at least 150,000 a day. T-Series on the other hand is averaging around 130,000 new subscribers per day. You can watch the two channels' live subscriber counts below.

Future Projections: PewDiePie vs T-Series

November 1: According to prediction estimates from Social Blade, it will take PewDiePie until December 11 to hit 70 million subscribers, whereas T-Series are estimated to hit the same milestone on November 14.

Update, November 3: Social Blade has now adjusted these estimates, with PewDiePie set to hit 70 million on December 3, and T-Series on November 17.

Update 2, November 10: PewDiePie has now hit 70 million subscribers on November 10, T-Series had ~69,450,000 when PewDiePie hit the historic milestone. T-Series are now predicted to hit 71 million on November 21, PewDiePie on December 10.

Who will hit 70 million first? Social Blade projections on November 1
Who will hit 71 million first? Social Blade projections on November 10

Fellow YouTuber MrBeast attempted to help out PewDiePie by running a citywide advertising campaign inviting people to subscribe to him, to prevent T-Series taking the top spot.

T-Series reportedly gains around 150,000 subscribers per day on good days and with India’s population and internet presence, PewDiePie will undoubtedly be beaten by nemesis soon - however will remain as YouTube’s largest individual creator when it happens.

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