Teens go viral online listening to Phil Collins for the first time

TwinsthenewTrend listen to Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight on YouTubeYouTube: TwinsthenewTrend

Two teenagers have brought generations together and gone viral on Twitter after they filmed themselves hearing “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins for the first time.

The two teens published a video to their YouTube channel Twinsthenewtrend where they sat down and listened to the popular song by the 80s musician and drummer Phil Collins.

Anyone who knows the song understands that the iconic drum fill is by far the best part, and these boys’ reactions are really satisfying to watch. As soon as the drumbeat starts their eyes widen and their mouths open, and said “I’ve never heard nobody drum a beat 3 minutes into a song.”

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Long-time Phil Collins fans, including some famous faces, tweeted their support and enjoyment at the video.

Pam Keith, a Democrat runnign for congress, wrote: “This made me smile & laugh & just…feel wonderful.I have LOVED that Phil Collins song for decades. It BLEW ME AWAY too when I first heard it, just like these young men. I suppose, in these times of disconnection, seeing a true bond through a musical experience uplifted me”

FOX network tv personality Charles V Payne also retweeted the video and wrote “I felt like that the first time I heard the song, too.” Even Casey Neistat tweeted “watching this is a great way to start your day. I promise.”

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The video’s popularity also spawned some other Phil Collins appreciation posts and made the musician’s name a trending topic on Twitter.

Fans of the clip will be pleased to know that the twins from Gary, Indiana have dedicated much of their YouTube channel to discovering older hits and filming their reactions upon first hearing them. The boys have also filmed themselves listening to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”, Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun” and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

Music reactions have rapidly become a subculture on YouTube. Creators such as ZIAS and NoLifeShaq are among those making a living from these types of videos and have earned themselves millions of subscribers.

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NoLifeShaq’s video of him hearing Godzilla by Eminem and Juice WRLD has over 3 million views, while ZIA’s most popular reaction videos have hit over 18 million views.