Teenage fruit ninja arrested after paying $10 for PlayStation 4

Jakub Kapusnak / sony

A Frenchman has been given a four-month suspended prison sentence for his ballsy move of pricing a PlayStation 4 at less than €10 euros and walking away with it from a store.

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If you’re able to find a PlayStation 4 at a highly reduced rate, then you can probably count yourself lucky and think you’ve got a bargain. However, the discount you received probably doesn’t even come to the one picked up in France. 

The man, named only as Adel, walked into a supermarket in Monbéliard, France, picked up one of the expensive consoles and paid €9.29 (£8.10/$10.65) for it after he used a self-service check-out to say it was actually some fruit.

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PlayStationAdel may have had more luck trying the scam with an Apple product.

He then used the profits of his scam to purchase a train ticket back to his hometown of Nice. However, before he made the journey home Adel tried the same trick a second time. Before he could pull it off again, he was recognized by store staff, caught and eventually arrested.

The 19-year-old man probably would have gotten away with his scam – at least for a little while – had he not tried to be a sneaky fruit ninja about things and attempt the same thing, at the same store, literally the next day.

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Despite how profitable and lucrative it may seem, it’s probably best to not try and repeat what Adel did. 

It’s all well and good trying to price up PlayStation 4 at the same cost as a few strawberries until you’re jammed up in prison for the next few months and miss the releases of some hot, new games like Anthem and The Division 2.