Taxman threatens twin OnlyFans sisters with ban after seizing bank account

onlyfans twins having tax issuesTikTok/twinsjess0

A pair of twin OnlyFans model are worried that the Canadian government will take away their OF account after an issue with their tax returns.

It’s not uncommon to see OnlyFans drama make headlines. This past year alone we’ve seen preschool teachers getting fired, models arrested for murder, and now, even tax woes.

No one likes paying taxes, especially when money is spent on Justin Trudeau’s family vacations, but one of the Montreal-based twins is in hot water over not paying the correct amount.

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According to TVA Nouvelles, the taxman Jessica Massie seized her bank account and sister Sarah believes she’ll suffer the same fate in just a “matter of time.”

OnlyFans twins hit out at taxman after threatening them

The sisterly duo told the outlet that Jessica no longer has her bank account or any money after they spent a lot of cash renovating their home.

As we’ve seen in the past, OnlyFans can be an extremely lucrative venture with some top earners making hundreds of thousands a month.

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“I should have prioritized my tax debt before finishing my house,” Jessica noted but stated the pair were confused by the tax rules and didn’t try to pay less than they owed.

“We were a little lost in it,” she admitted.

Jessica Massie poses for instagramInstagram/twins.jess
Jessica Massie is concerned that her OnlyFans will be banned.

To make matters worse, Jessica says that the Canada Revenue Agency threatened to take and potentially ban her OnlyFans account.

“Are you going to take my work? Is that what you’re telling me? You are just going to ruin my life, basically!” she exclaimed.

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Since the fiasco, Jessica has privatized her Instagram and there’s no telling whether or not she’ll be able to get her bank account back. For the time being, however, her OnlyFans remains active.

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