Target set to take shot at Amazon Prime & Walmart+ with paid memberships

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target paid membership program

Target is expected to add a paid membership program for customers, ultimately threatening the success of Amazon Prime and Walmart+.

Give someone a reason to save money, and they’ll come running! But we’re not too sure Target customers even needed the incentive, as the store continues to be one of the trendiest shopping spots in America.

Whether it’s the latest Stanley drop, an aesthetically pleasing outfit, or limited-edition products, Target has always reigned supreme in the eyes of consumers.

Fortunately, Target is now looking to add a paid membership program much like Amazon Prime and Walmart+, giving customers even more reason to spend, spend, spend!

Target’s paid membership program expected to rollout by end of year

Target’s potential paid membership program will be similar to Amazon Prime and Walmart+ where customers pay a fixed monthly or yearly price to receive better deals and free services like delivery.

Reportedly, there is no specific price that has been mentioned for the membership. However, the program could begin as early as this year.

Customers of the multifaceted store have since reacted to the news, calling it “interesting,” as many people questioned how well the paid membership program would do while competing against Amazon Prime and Walmart+.

Though Target hasn’t specified the rollout date of the program, customers can currently sign up for and reap the rewards of their loyalty program, ‘Target Circle.’

Target’s loyalty program offers discounts, free items on special days like your birthday, and 1% back on future purchases when you make a purchase. Unlike the projected paid membership program, ‘Target Circle’ is free for all customers.

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