Target customers enraged after discovering no change in prices for Black Friday

Molly Byrne
black friday at target

After attempting to find the best deals during Black Friday, Target customers were enraged to find that prices hadn’t changed.

Holiday shopping is one of the biggest ordeals of the year — especially Black Friday, as it offers shoppers a chance to save quite a bit of money.

So when two customers went to Target to find the best prices, they were shocked when they found that the prices hadn’t changed during Black Friday.

TikTok has since reacted, explaining their own stories with department stores being stingy with their deals.

Viewers agree that stores raise their prices before Black Friday to make it seem like you’re getting a deal

TikToker DeJay Downey and her friend went Black Friday shopping at their local Target. However, when they looked at prices for the TVs, they found that nothing had changed.

As Downey’s friend recorded, she slid the Black Friday price tag out of its place, revealing the previous price tag before deals were supposed to kick in.

Though the Black Friday price was $649.99, when Downey exposed the old price for the television, it was the same thing.

She then went over to a second and third TV, where the prices from before and after were the same as well. Her friend then said, “Bro, that’s not a deal.”

Viewers of Downey’s viral TikTok were quick to share their own experiences with department stores not offering real Black Friday deals, saying, “I see a lot of companies raise their prices just to lower it to the original price and say it’s a sale.”

And, “I got my mom a coach purse for Christmas last week for $145. They marked it up to almost $200 for Black Friday.”

One viewer even mentioned they don’t even shop on Black Friday anymore for this exact reason, saying, “Black Friday deals used to be SO GOOD. Now I don’t even bother. Even online they raise the price, to ‘drop it.’”

Though Downey was clearly shocked by her findings, it’s unknown if she ever purchased a television. To stay up to date with the best holiday deals, check our page out here

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