Tana reveals social media plans after Jake Paul’s Alissa Violet teaser

by Virginia Glaze


Team 10 founder Jake Paul married fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau in a live-streamed wedding in late July - but despite their union, the youngest Paul brother is releasing a song about his ex-girlfriend.

Paul announced a teaser for the track “These Days” on December 3, posting an image of himself and ex Alissa Violet embracing while wearing sweaters that featured their ship name, “Jalissa.”

While it’s odd enough that Paul chose to release the song shortly after his wedding, the announcement also comes after significant drama between Violet and ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks - who allegedly cheated on Violet on multiple occasions.


Fans, of course, turned to Mongeau for her reaction to Pauls’ post: and while her subsequent Tweet, “Eesh,” seemed to be a response to the matter, her forthcoming Instagram story belied an even greater potential acknowledgment.

Mongeau posted a lengthy message to Instagram that same day, where she revealed her plans to take a break from social media in the wake of her husband’s song reveal.


Although she made no mention of the song specifically, the YouTuber claimed that she wanted to “advocate for authenticity and mental health awareness” as the reason for her hiatus, also stating that she felt she is “succumbing to the pressure of the highlight reel” of internet stardom.

“I wanna have a conversation with someone without thinking about the internet for five minutes,” Mongeau wrote. “I don’t wanna fill my heart with doubt posting things that I know aren’t authentic to the way I feel.”


It’s unclear how long her social media break will actually be, though, considering that she hinted at going on Instagram Live within her post - but this wouldn’t be the first time she’s mentioned staying true to herself, as she previously revealed she’d turned down a $2 million deal with Bang Energy due to wanting to stay “authentic” to her brand.


Paul’s song regarding Alissa Violet is set to go live on December 13, but there’s no telling if Violet’s claims of mental abuse from the Team 10 star will be mentioned in the track in the wake of their drama-filled split in 2017.