Tana Mongeau gives scathing reply to KEEMSTAR for mocking her book

Tana Mongeau, YouTube

Tana Mongeau is more than a top YouTuber: the internet star boasts her own MTV reality show and is even working on an upcoming book, which she teased to fans in a Tweet on February 10.

While “Tana Mojo” has discussed her book in previous videos, the YouTuber gave fans an extra tease in her social media post on the subject, hinting that she’s been putting serious work into the volume.

“My first book is really coming together,” she revealed. “I keep making it better and better. Really can’t wait to give you this.”

Tana Mongeau, Instagram
Aside from her upcoming book, Tana Mongeau has also released her own perfume line, titled, “Tana by Tana.”

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Although her tweet was met with overwhelming positivity from her fanbase, another internet celeb wasn’t so impressed with Tana’s upcoming book — Drama Alert host Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem, who took the opportunity to poke fun at Mongeau’s post.

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“Who’s the ghost writer?” he quote Tweeted, insinuating that the MTV starlet hadn’t actually written the book herself.

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Needless to say, Tana wasn’t too impressed with KEEM’s shade and threw an equally scathing — if not short-winded — insult his way: “F*ck you!”

KEEMSTAR appeared to clarify his comment in another teasing response, claiming that he was “just trying to figure out if it was going to be good or not. Sorry.”

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The Drama Alert host isn’t the only one speculating about Mongeau’s unreleased book either; other commenters joked that the volume might be a “coloring book,” further insulting Tana and her fanbase.

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This isn’t the first time the two stars have had it out over Twitter, by far. In fact, the two bandied words in December 2019, after KEEMSTAR appeared to bash her looks by tweeting out a screenshot of an account claiming Mongeau was “cringe.”

“…are you just picking a random hate Tweet on me and Tweeting it?” she responded at the time. “Hahahaha are you bored KEEM? Should I give you real news?”

With KEEMSTAR also having argued with the likes of streamer Corinna Kopf over Twitter, his latest spat with Mongeau comes as little surprise to those following the feud, which could erupt into further shade upon the eventual release of her book later down the road.

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