Syndicate Explains Why the KSI vs Logan Paul Press Conference Was Stopped – Plus Behind the Scenes Footage

The YouTuber mega fight between KSI and Logan Paul is set to break all kinds of records when it’s streamed from Manchester Arena on August 25th.

Thousands of fans and high profile personalities will turn up to watch the charity boxing event in person, while it’s predicted that millions will watch from home.

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Alongside KSI taking on Logan Paul, both of their just as successful younger brothers, Deji and Jake, will also do battle.

With the fight booked in for August, all four YouTubers took to the stage in Los Angeles on Saturday June 16th for a ‘press conference’.

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Hosted by former heavyweight champion of the world, Shannon Briggs, the event quickly turned into little more than a shouting match as all four fighters resorted to verbal abuse.

After less than twenty minutes live and none of the questions answered, things got a little too physical after Logan Paul attempted to rip KSI’s bandana off him.

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In response, KSI shoved Logan across the stage, and a posse of members from either side climbed onto the stage. The stream was then cut out.

KSI and Deji’s friend, Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell, was also in attendance to watch everything go down, and he explained exactly why the stream stopped.

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As a successful YouTuber in his own right with over 12 million subscribers across both of his channels, Syndicate uploads daily videos of his life, and he captured the press conference from behind the scenes.

He explained that there was a number of objects thrown on stage during the press conference, which resulted in it being cut short.

“Kids were throwing like bottles of water, coins, some kid threw a rock. Don’t ever do that.”

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You can view Syndicate’s behind the scenes footage in the video below, or skip to 12 minutes 30 where he discusses what happened with Sidemen member, Miniminter.