Summit1g explains why he’s “worried” about Twitch amid ads & 50/50 revenue split

Michael Gwilliam
Summit1g speedrun

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g‘ Lazar is among several big streamers concerned with the platform’s decision to do away with the 70/30 revenue split.

Beginning in June of 2023, all streamers on Twitch, even those who have a favorable split at the moment, will be splitting half of their revenue with the Amazon-owned company.

The decision was made as smaller streamers campaigned to have a 70/30 split – something the site denied citing the “high cost” of running the website.

During a recent stream, Summit1g addressed this news and explained why he feels this could be a bad thing for Twitch’s longevity going forward.

Summit1g says Twitch is interested in quick money

“Dude, it seems like Twitch is trying to get that here-and-now money and I’m worried about the longevity of Twitch,” the streamer said. “That they even have to worry about that is a little bit worrisome.”

Summit went on to call it “weird” how Twitch is interested in money at the moment, noting how it might have some serious problems long-term and could even affect some streamers.

A bit later, Lazar continued to discuss how the platform makes money, reiterating views from fellow streamers Valkyrae and Asmongold about ads doing more harm than good.

“I hate the idea of ads too. I wish there was something else they would push for to help the website other than more ads,” he added.

“That’s also a here-and-now type of money. That’s not long-term cash.”

According to Summit, Twitch’s ads could even be responsible for running people off the site and could force smaller streamers to move to rival platforms.

It will be interesting to see how the situation at Twitch unfolds, especially with competitors such as YouTube making great strides to compete by picking up household names such as Ludwig and TimTheTatman with exclusivity contracts and better revenue splits.

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