Stripper goes viral on TikTok after sharing how much money she makes in a year

Stripper shares annual salary in viral TikTok videoTIKTOK: MIKIFROMTHECLUB

A stripper has shared her annual salary in a TikTok video that has gone viral, leaving many people astonished.

The Australian exotic dancer, who posts under the handle mikifromtheclub, shared a breakdown of every dollar she’s made from working only twice a week every year.

“Have you guys ever wondered how much spicy dancers make in a year?” the TikToker asks in the viral video, which has now garnered over 3.1 million views.

“Lucky for you, the financial year has just ended, and I happen to keep a spreadsheet of literally every single dollar I made on literally every single night,” she continued.

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The TikToker then goes on to share a detailed spreadsheet, highlighting that she made a whopping $98,033 from working just 93 days a year. She jokes that it’s “so close to six figures, it’s not even fair.”

In the clip, she says, “The total I made in this entire year was $98,033,” later clarifying, “And I do want to say before you all come at me, yes I do have to pay tax on all of those dollars,” explaining that her take-home is more around $80,000.

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TikTok users amazed at eye-opening salary shared in viral video

The TikToker, who goes by Miki, anticipated a strong reaction to her video, as she ended the video by saying she “can’t wait to see the comment section on this one.”

Miki has certainly left quite a lot of people dumbfounded with her impressive salary, as thousands of people commented their thoughts under the viral clip.

“I have 3 degrees, 4 certifications, work 55+ hours a week, 6 days a week. I buy stuff to do my work. My salary is less than 60,000. Damn” one user commented.

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Another user commended the exotic dancer, writing: “Spitting in the faces of everyone that claims SWs are not smart, that spreadsheet, the graph! Love this.”

“I think you have found a niche market, empowering SW with financial knowledge. You should sell your Excel spreadsheet!” someone added.

Miki has since posted other videos, revealing that she’s paid off her house, cleared her university debt from her first bachelor’s degree, and also has a decent deposit saved for a second house.

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