Streamer starts broadcasting moments after her wisdom teeth operation


A Twitch streamer decided to start broadcasting just after she had her wisdom teeth removed and was so confused she didn’t even remember starting the stream.

Lexi Hargis, one half of the duo that runs the Twitch channel LEXnJOC, went in to have her wisdom teeth taken care of on February 3 and decided to catch up with viewers on stream almost immediately after the surgery.

The painkillers and anesthetics used for some wisdom teeth operations can leave people confused and completely out of it, which appears to be exactly what happened to Lexi.

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Lexi Twitch stream wisdom teeth confusedTwitch/LEXnJOC
The face of someone who has no idea what’s going on.

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“When did I turn on the stream?”

She began streaming on Twitch as soon as she got back into the car with her mom after the surgery and it was quickly clear that she wasn’t 100% there.

About 20 minutes into the post-op stream, Lexi said she had no idea how any of it had happened, like how she’d even gotten into her mom’s car or started streaming.

“Mom, I don’t remember coming down here and getting in the car, you helped me in the car,” Lexi informed her mother, who had a different version of events. “So when did I turn on the stream?”

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For whatever reason, Lexi didn’t believe what she was hearing and acted like there was some kind of larger conspiracy afoot instead.

“I think there’s a lie in this, somewhere,” she informed her very receptive mom, before losing her train of thought once again.

To her credit, the streamer was a trooper and was live for a full hour and a half following the operation, even though the drugs still seemed to be having an effect by the time she signed off.

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It can take up to a week or more to fully recover from wisdom tooth surgery, but considering that Lexi was already streaming immediately after the procedure, that wait period might not get in the way of her streaming schedule.

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