Megan Thee Stallion & G-Eazy hilariously trolled over dating rumors

by Jacob Hale


Hip hop stars Megan Thee Stallion and G-Eazy have posted to Instagram suggesting that the two are dating, and the Internet has responded with memes and jokes in abundance.

It’s definitely one of the stranger relationships seen coming out of the industry for a while, and something that near-enough nobody really saw coming, and that’s been made obvious by how social media has responded to it since the Instagram story was published.

The video, which sees Megan and G-Eazy (real name Gerald Gillum) embracing each other and looking very close, was posted in the early hours of the morning of Monday, February 3, and not long after they were the top trending topic on Twitter, with fans in a state of shock.

G-Eazy also uploaded this photo of Megan to Instagram.


After a wild weekend in Miami, which culminated in the Kansas City Chiefs beating San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LIV, the two obviously decided to take their relationship public, with multiple Instagram posts making it clear that they’re more than just friends or colleagues.

Naturally, before long they were trending on Twitter, with “Megan” hitting the number one trending spot in the US, and the memes and jokes were prevalent amongst the messages of support and surprise.

While initially, fans were confused, asking “what the hell is going on here,” it quickly became apparent that people found it a funny surprise more than anything else.


Twitter user Malachi posted about it, saying they “gotta see how this turn out on the new episode of '2020: Sh*t Don't Make No Sense'.”

Another implied that it had been quite the disturbance to her morning, asking why they “just woke up from my amazing sleep to see G-Eazy kissing on Megan thee Stallion.”

Meanwhile, Kelsey has taken a look at all of the action going on and has come to the conclusion that “Super Bowl weekend has been wild for musicians,” and it’s hard to disagree.


Although it’s not been officially confirmed that the rap duo are actually dating, they are looking extremely comfortable with each other in the now-viral video and many fans believe it to be the case.

Whether any more comes from this remains to be seen, but it’s definitely looking like these two could be the industry’s next big power couple.