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Streamer freaks out after being spooked by opening door

Published: 28/Mar/2020 22:59

by Virginia Glaze


A Twitch streamer was shaken up after her door seemingly opened by itself during a live broadcast, leaving both her and her pet pooch seriously frightened.

As one of the net’s top broadcasting platforms, Twitch is known for capturing some shocking and unexpected moments on camera — and this particular moment takes the cake.

Streamer Sabrina Perez was the unfortunate victim of one such incident, who was in the middle of chatting with her audience when the totally unexpected occurred.

sabriina.perezz, Instagram
Twitch streamer Sabrina Perez was left shaken – literally – after her front door opened all by itself during a live broadcast.

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As she was talking, her front door seemingly opened of its own accord, causing her to scream out of fear as her dog bolted to the porch, barking up a storm.


The streamer pulled her dog back inside and closed the door, admitting that the incident had scared her out of her wits.

“I’m so sorry!” she apologized, walking back to her setup. “That scared the s**t out of me! Oh my god, I’m gonna cry! …I’m really scared.”

(WARNING: the clip below is LOUD.)

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There’s no denying that one’s front door opening all by itself leaves plenty of room for questioning: was it a stranger hoping to break in, or merely the wind? Could it have been some sort of paranormal activity?


Perez later admitted that it was windy outside, although her door had never opened due to weather conditions, before.

“Like, it’s windy outside, but — I don’t know,” she continued, nervously looking back at the door while her dog chuffed. “I literally don’t know. The wind’s like, never opened my door before. I’m so confused. What the f**k just happened?”

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This isn’t the first time a broadcaster has undergone a spooky experience on stream, by far: an IRL streamer was similarly scared out of his mind during a broadcast earlier in the month, after the lights in his hotel room began to mysteriously flicker just as he admitted to never having had a run-in with the paranormal.


No matter the case — faulty wiring, the wind, or pressure in the room — both streamers’ experiences make for a humorous and chilling moment for the Twitch history books.