Streamer deletes Twitch after clip of him screaming at crying child goes viral

Michael Gwilliam. Last updated: Jan 22, 2021
Twitch streamer yells at child

A Madden Twitch streamer has deleted all of his social media accounts after a disturbing clip, which showed him screaming in a child’s face, went viral online.

On January 21, the clip of the streamer – who has since been identified as ‘buckkerz’ – surfaced online and quickly spread throughout the internet.

The short, 28-second clip begins with the streamer playing Madden as a child sits on his lap. Within moments, he is seen slamming his controller on his desk and screaming.

“Godddamn it!” he shouts, which appears to upset the kid. “Three-hundred dollar fucking controller!”

At this point, the child starts crying, causing buckkerz to put him down. “Can I fucking press pause?!” he asks, referencing his faulty controller.

“Just sit right here,” he tells the child. “I’ve got to go. I’m about to fucking lose it.”

It’s unclear who he was talking to on the other end, but shortly thereafter, the video takes a turn for the worst as the young boy cries loudly.

buckkerz twitch channel
The streamer changed his video titles to “imsorry.”

The clip ends with buckkerz turning around and yelling, “Shut the fuck up,” right in the kid’s face.

Once the video started to spread, screengrabs appeared online of buckkerz renaming his Twitch videos to “imsorry1234556.”

According to the screenshots from the now-deleted Twitch account, the streamer is a “father and husband,” but it’s unclear if the child in the video is his own.

In addition to deleting Twitch, it  seems like the user purged his Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well.

It will be interesting to see how Twitch handles the clip, and if they implement a ban on the account, even though it has already been deleted.

Users have also credited the Twitter account ‘KBoomhauer’ for bringing attention to the clip. It was originally posted with the caption, “Zoomer parenting,” and has since been reuploaded to many other sites.

In any case, parents or streamers with young children should know better than to literally scream in their faces over a video game controller.