Disguised Toast lays out his conditions for boxing match after Sykkuno idea

. 3 weeks ago
Disguised Toast and Sykkuno talking to camera side-by-side
Twitch: Disguised Toast/Sykkuno

Streaming star Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has explained what it would take for him to get involved in an influencer boxing fight by responding to the idea that he could fight his good friend Sykkuno. 

Before the Paul brothers decided to start taking on actual athletes and fighters, influencer boxing events were all about settling personal beefs and creating unique content for fans.

While the events did take a break for a period, they have started making a return following the success of iDubbbz’ Creator Clash, to which he has confirmed there will be a follow-up. 100 Thieves star Valkyrae has confirmed that she’d like to take part in an event, which prompted fans to ask her pals if they’d be involved too.

Sykkuno, one of Rae’s regular partners for gaming sessions, was quizzed by fans he’d get involved, to which he confirmed his interest and stated that he could possibly fight Disguised Toast, given they’re built quite similarly and it could be a fair bout.

Doctor Mike wins creator clash
MomentHouse / Creator Clash
iDubbbz’s Creator Clash has got influencers interested in boxing again.

Well, now Toast has echoed a handful of Sykkuno’s comments, stating that a fight between them could be possible. Though, he’d be willing to fight a few other streamers as well.

“I would consider it… probably Sykkuno (as an opponent) because I think he’s one inch taller than me and we are similarly built,” he said during his June 2 stream. “But, I don’t think I want to punch my good friend Sykkuno… or would I?

“Anyone who is like 5’7′ would be good. Ludwig? But Ludwig is significantly heavier than me. Not because he’s fat or anything, it’s because he’s got more muscles, it would be a weight difference. Mizkif? I don’t think Mizkif would be willing to fight me though.”

As we’ve seen previously, plenty of creators have registered their interest in fighting, but when it comes time to strap on the gloves and start training, they often back out.

It remains to be seen if we’ll actually get to see Toast and Sykkuno in the ring – be it facing each other or different opponents – but it would certainly create plenty of interest.

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