StreamElements respond after glitch leaves streamers thousands of dollars out of pocket

Joe Craven
StreamElements logo on black background

StreamElements have responded after an issue with HelloFresh sponsorships left creators thousands of dollars out of pocket.

StreamElements is an incredibly popular site with content creators of all platforms, making it simple for live streamers to introduce sponsorships, overlays, tipping services and more into their streams.

It is used by a plethora of content creators from the world’s most visited streaming sites, including YouTube and Twitch.

However, on November 18, a number of creators reported major issues with the service, leaving them thousands of dollars out of pocket as a result of a StreamElements glitch pertaining to HelloFresh sponsorships.

One affected creator ‘strawb‘ shared an image of their PayPal account displaying a balance of ‘-$2,449’, saying that a StreamElements sponsorship was the cause of the problem.

Others concurred, with creator ‘Phantuums‘ displaying a balance of over -$7,000, while ‘yessica‘ saw their balance taken to over -$400.

They said: “If you did a HelloFresh sponsorship with StreamElements check your email I’m negative $500 what the f**k. They took my money without reason.”

Given the severity of the issue, StreamElements were quick to respond. They said it was related to an issue over HelloFresh sponsorships, and encouraged anyone affected to get in touch.

“The team is aware of a payment issue related to HelloFresh campaigns and this is currently being resolved,” they said. “An email has gone out to all Creators affected by this issue with updates, so please check your email associated with your StreamElements account…Thanks in advance for everyone’s patience as we make these updates.”

They did not delve into the specifics of what caused the problems but, given their severity and the amounts of money involved, many were reassured by the prompt response and commitment to fixing the issue.

We can assume that those involved will see the money returned and the issues fully ironed out.