Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp comes out as gay in viral TikTok

Jessica Filby
Noah Schnapp comes out as gay

Noah Schnapp, best known for his role as Will Byers in the popular TV show, Stranger Things, has come out as gay through a viral TikTok video.

Well known for playing the popular Stranger Things character Will Byers, who was recently confirmed as being gay in an interview, Noah Schnapp has taken to his popular TikTok account to confirm his own sexuality and link himself yet again to his character, saying in the caption “I guess I’m more similar to Will than I thought.”

The video itself contained a simple joke about his friends and family’s rather unsurprised reaction to him coming out after “being scared in the closet for 18 years” where “all they said was we know.” In posting the video he then confirmed his sexuality to over 30 million followers.

The post quickly went viral, garnering over 7 million likes, and 36 million views in under 12 hours. Along with likes and views, millions of fans, celebrities, and brands took to the comments to show their support for Noah.

The comments section was filled with love from the likes of Netflix, BeReal, Glee star Kevin McHale, TikTok star and Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, and many more.

However, it was also filled with support from fans with many stating how they were “So proud of you! Welcome to the club!” along with how happy they were for him being able to come out and be his true self.

Others noticed the Stranger Things caption and commented on how the statement further confirms both Noah’s sexuality and his characters’, with many showing their hopes for Will and Mike’s relationship to blossom in the upcoming final season of the show.

Overall, the viral video was filled with support for Noah Schnapp and continues to garner positive comments welcoming him into the LGBTQ+ community.