Sodapoppin claims Twitch streamers only gamble because “it’s easy views”

Lawrence Scotti

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris shared some thoughts on his stream about the current state of gambling on Twitch.

Gambling streams on Twitch have been a hot topic as of late, with some of Twitch’s bigger streamers sharing polarizing opinions on the matter.

Sodapoppin is a long-time poker player, and has been broadcasting his gambling exploits online for years now. During a stream on July 21, he was reacting to a conversation with Ethan Klein, Hasan Piker, and Trainwrecks about the current popular wave of streaming gambling slots on Twitch.

“I am listening and I am getting angry,” he said. “I don’t think any of these streamers could ever admit that they care about view count, and they care about the fact that it’s easy views, there’s nothing wrong with that either. None of them want to say that they don’t care.”

“Slots is bad, I agree. But if a kid watched me play blackjack and gambled his life savings away that’s not my problem. Morally, I don’t care, it’s not my fault. I don’t give a shit. And I’m not afraid to say it, but these guys are afraid to care about view count and say they care.”

Sodapoppin’s co-streamer then asked him, “If Train got 3k views do you think he would do it?” to which Soda replied with “No! He wouldn’t! He absolutely would not. He played Among Us for three months and he loved that game, for three months 20 hours a day.”

Other Twitch streamers have put out their opinion on the gambling streams, with Pokimane calling out Trainwrecks specifically saying “you’re losing people money”.

As of now, Twitch has not done anything about the gambling streams and potential legal issues, although apparently they are “monitoring” the situation.