Ludwig blasts "degenerate" Trainwrecks gambling & defends his poker ad streams - Dexerto

Ludwig blasts “degenerate” Trainwrecks gambling & defends his poker ad streams

Published: 23/Jul/2021 13:27

by Jacob Hale


As the debate around Twitch gambling streams grows ever bigger, Ludwig has had his say on the matter, hitting out at creators like Trainwrecks’ “degenerate” streams but defending some of his own past broadcasts in the process.

Gambling has become super common on Twitch, with streamers earning millions of dollars from brands looking to promote their product.

As such, we’ve seen many creators winning or losing thousands, if not millions, through their gambling streams, though this is often not their own money but the companies.

This has drawn a lot of criticism from both fans and peers, with even the likes of Pokimane speaking out against these streams and how they might affect impressionable younger viewers.


Ludwig sent a tweet to Trainwrecks, asking whether he understands that “they pay you at least 1 million/monthly because they receive a return from your viewers?”

When fellow streamer LosPollosTV tried comparing it to Ludwig’s Pokemon card opening streams, he wasn’t having any of it.

“The Pokemon Company did not give me $1 million to open cards,” he said. “I’ll do ur hw [homework] for you because you didn’t — I did a sponsored poker stream that you were literally in.”

LosPollos then says that if Pokemon had offered him $1m, he would definitely accept. He also added that “either way, you promoted gambling whether it’s the Pokémon cards I lost thousands on or the poker stream we did.”


Ludwig argued then that the poker stream was different because “poker is a skill game,” but that “getting paid to punt thousands of dollars in minutes with a slot machine (0 skill game) is degenerate.”

There’s definitely a whole lot of nuance in the debate, as shown by Ludwig’s promotion of poker streams, but he clearly sees the two as very different.

It’s unclear what kind of effect gambling streams are having on the creators’ viewers, but many top channels are standing firmly against them.